Starry Point Lighthouse


The Hopscotch Rabbit grandfather rebuilt this Starry Point Lighthouse to make a lodge where everyone can stay. The lighthouse really lights up and the top turns, just like the light of a real lighthouse. Take off the top of the lighthouse and stars will appear on the ceiling of your room. You can change between 3 patterns by switching the slides. The downstairs floor is designed based on the sea and the upstairs floor is designed based on the sky. There’s also various furniture such as a seashell sofa and a whale-shaped table.

Set contains:
Starry Point Lighthouse, upstairs balcony, upstairs balcony railing, projector unit, lighthouse top, lighthouse fence x 3, wooden deck, wooden deck railing x 4, upstairs floorboard, kitchen, sofa, table, bed, blanket, balloon, balloon arm, ladder, slide x 3 (total 25 parts).