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    • Country Doctor

      Calico Critters love staying in tip-top shape! Doctor office includes Bunny Ben in doctor uniform, examination bed, doctor’s chair, reception desk, waiting area bench with magazine rack, table, stool, height rod, weight scale, clinic sign, crutch, foot cast, stethoscope, clipboard, thermometer, forceps, tray, container, syringe, syringe bowl, pencil, 4 packs of medication, 3 bottles of medicine, gauze bandage, cards box, information holder, 3 bags of medicine, 2 patient’s charts, box of stomach medicine, box of plastic bandages, box of gauze bandage, box of cold medicine, medical brochures, 2 sticker cards, 3 appointment cards, 2 magazines, eyesight test chart, calendar label, clock label, 4 posters, and decorative stickers. Building measures 11 1/2" x 8 3/4" x 6". Age: 3+ Years

    • Country Nurse Set

      Nurse Nikki loves taking care of all the children in Cloverleaf Corners! Set includes Bunny Nikki in nurse uniform and cap, wheelchair, medical cart, 2 crutches, foot cast, hot water bottle, forceps, scissors, syringe, thermometer, clipboard, case with lid, 2 jars with lids, 2 medical dishes, 2 containers with lids, 2 bottles of medicine, 2 tubes of medicine, 2 packs of medication, gauze bandage, 2 gauze pads, blanket, slippers, box of medicine, and 2 patient’s charts. Age: 3+ Years