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  • Epoch Everlasting Play, LLC Unveils New Exciting Games for Preschool Children

    Epoch Everlasting Play, LLC Unveils New Exciting Games for Preschool Children

    Parsippany, N.J. (February, 2012) Epoch Everlasting Play, LLC proudly introduces exciting new games for preschool children.  These are designed for young children, but they guarantee fun for the entire family, providing young children, parents and grandparents with an even playing field.

    “We are excited to introduce ten new games to our line, each with a different theme,” says Cynthia Dalton, Senior Brand Manager at Epoch Everlasting Play, LLC. “We now have something for everyone!”

    New games for 2012 include:

    Cats vs. DogsCats vs. Dogs

    Epoch Everlasting Play, LLC’ card games feature oversized cards that are sized just right for young hands!  Cats vs. Dogs is a game of war.  All players lay cards down at the same time.  Two cats beat one dog, but bigger cats outrank smaller cats; bigger dog cards win over smaller ones – and a dog catcher or cat lover just might beat them all!  It’s a battle to determine who will finally win all the cards and the game!  For ages 4+; MSRP $6.99

    Bingo DiceBingo Dice

    Bing Dice is the classic game of bingo…with a twist.  Roll the dice and place your chips.    This game is great for all ages.  It is 3-in-a-row, dice and bingo all rolled into one!  For ages 3+; MSRP $14.99

    Too Many MiceToo Many Mice

    Up go the mice, slice by slice!  Players take turns adding mice, two at a time, to the ever-growing cheese tower.  The mice help by balancing the cheese slices with their hands and feet.  The higher the tower, the riskier it is to add two more mice.  Who will make it fall?  For children 4+; MSRP $19.99

    Hit the HatHit the Hat

    Hats off to the player who collects the most!  36 hats of different shapes, patterns and colors are spread out on the table.  Each player holds a slammer.  Ready?  Set… Slam!  Roll the dice and race to be the first to “slam” the hat that matches the pattern, color and shape shown on the three dice.  It’s a frantic race among players as dice are rolled and hats are won.  For ages 3+; MSRP $19.99


    Don’t let the bumble bee tumble!  Players take turns spinning the spinner and using one of the push sticks, carefully removing pieces from the honeycomb that match the color on the spinner.  They must be sure that when removing the piece, they do not disturb the bumble bee at the top of the game.  The game gets more difficult as more and more pieces are removed.  Whoever causes the bee to tumble loses the game.  For ages 4+: MSRP $19.99

    Penguin PanicPenguin Panic

    The penguin holds lots of ice – and it’s making him shiver and shake!  Children carefully remove ice blocks without making them all fall.  It’s a challenge to see who can remove the most.  To add to the fun, the game also features electronic sounds and shivering movements.  For ages 5+; MSRP $22.99

    Using tongs, players place donuts on the wobbly coffee cup according to the roll of the dice.  The taller the tower grows, the more wobbly it gets.  Players get one point for every donut placed successfully.  When the tower tumbles, the player with the most points wins.  For ages 4+; MSRP $19.99

    Balancing BurgerBalancing Burger

    Build it tall, don’t let it fall!  The wobbly plate is placed in the center of the table and the bun is put on it.  Players take turns rolling the die and adding ingredients according to the number rolled.  The higher the burger is built the harder it is to add ingredients without making the burger fall!  For ages 4+; MSRP $22.99

    Magical Carousel


    Magical Carousel

    The game board has three layers of mixed-up animals. Players begin by choosing a secret animal disc.  They then take turns moving the layered game board, one layer at a time, hoping to create the animal that matches the one on their disc.  It’s tricky, because while players are trying to form their own animal, they may also be helping an opponent make his!  For ages 4+; MSRP $14.99

    Super Stadium Baseball GameSuper Stadium Baseball Game

    Realistic baseball action!  Strike out your opponent!  This large baseball game allows players to pitch fast balls and curve balls and throw a variety of breaking balls at different speeds.  A unique magnetized infield creates ball movement when the pitches are thrown.  This game also includes a spring-loaded bat and a counter for balls, strikes and outs.  Players take turn at bat and can hit singles, doubles, triples, foul balls and home runs!  Choose to bat right or left-handed.  Opponents can strategically position their fielders.  The game provides a large (16 ½” x 16 ½”) playing field.  A great way to play baseball on rainy days!  For ages 6+; MSRP $39.99

    Please visit our booth at Toy Fair – booth #405.

    About Epoch Everlasting Play, LLC

    Since its inception in 1967, Epoch Everlasting Play, LLC has excelled in the delivery of innovative and entertaining products with integrity, superior play value and child developmental qualities to consumers.  Over the course of its 40-year existence, Epoch Everlasting Play, LLC has grown to become one of the largest and most respected suppliers of quality products to the North American specialty industry.

    A subsidiary of Epoch Company Ltd., affiliate company Epoch Everlasting Play, LLC offers a comprehensive range of proprietary and distributed brands comprising a wide variety of award winning play things including games, infant toys, preschool toys, dolls, educational toys and activity toys.  Additional information on Epoch Everlasting Play, LLC, its brands and individual products can be found at