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  • Epoch Everlasting Play, LLC Named Distributor & Introduces 22 Early Learning Centre Products!

    Epoch Everlasting Play, LLC Named Distributor & Introduces 22 Early Learning Centre Products!


    PARSIPPANY, NJ (February,  2012) – Epoch Everlasting Play, LLC (IPL), is proud to announce that it has partnered with Early Learning Centre (ELC) to distribute the award-winning line of infant and preschool products to the United States and Canada.  Epoch Everlasting Play, LLC will debut 22 products at the American International Toy Fair.  These include infant, preschool, musical and pretend play products.

    Stacking Faces

    These four funny faced bath beakers nest together.  Each cup features a unique sprinkling area for bath time fun.  For children 6 months & up; SRP $13.99.

    Baby Shade Pool

    This inflatable pool is ideal for little ones as it features a built-in sunshade.  It’s great for splashing around in the garden or for filling with play balls for indoor play.  Ages 9 months & up; SRP $34.99.

    Listen & Discover

    This telephone has a twist!  Baby can enjoy listening to her own voice through the phone, or mom can twist the phone so only baby can hear mom’s voice.  Ages 6 months & up; SRP $5.99

    Turn & Glow

    This friendly four-sided colorful toy makes different noises when turned.  With each turn, baby is rewarded with a flashing face that changes color with each sound.  Ages 6 months & up; SRP $14.99

    Music Maker

    Four different musical shakers can be played with separately or as one when linked together.  Large handles are easy for little hands to grab and shakes.  The item is sure to please little ones with its bright colors and stimulating sounds.  Ages 12 months & up; SRP $19.99

    Jungle Scribbler

    Even the littlest hands can easily use these chunky stamps, pen and roller to create pictures.  When done, simply slide the lever on the bottom to erase the board and start all over again.  Each chunky implement clips into the board for storage ease.  The item also features a convenient carry handle.  Ages 18 months & up; SRP $29.99

    Music Garden

    This is a wonderful first musical instrument.  It features flashing lights, bright melodies and fun faces that turn with the twist of a knob.  In addition to melodies and games, it can also be played like a piano.  For 18 months & up; SRP $29.99

    Dress Up Shoes & Jewelry

    Everything young girls need for royal role-play and good fun with a friend or three!  This set includes four pairs of shoes, a pair of earrings, ring, necklace and tiara.  For children 3 years & up; SRP $34.99

    Click Clack Caterpillar

    This large fun caterpillar features two sides of tracks.  Balls roll down one side while ladybug cars race down the other.  Flashing lights and sounds are activated by the objects rolling down the tracks.  It plays three different melodies and four wacky sounds.  Ages 12 months & up; SRP $59.99

    Emergency Centre

    This fantastic carry-along set features three emergency vehicles: fire truck, ambulance and police car.  Open a door to send the vehicle speeding down the ramp, set off cool lights and emergency sounds.  For children 18 months & up; SRP $36.99

    Whizz Down Mountain

    This large mountainous track is easy to assemble.  Hear racing sounds as cars roll down the mountain.  See the lights flash when the stop light is pushed.  Two magnetic cars can be used together or separately.  Also include two tumbling boulders for more rolling fun!  Ages 18 months & up; SRP $59.99

    Space Base

    This mobile command center is pulled along by a fantastic moon buggy.  Open the center to reveal a play area for the included astronauts and robot figures.  Ages 18 months & up; SRP $29.99

    Lift Off Rocket

    This rocket is truly out of this world with its sleek red fuselage, carry handle, rocket booster lights and lift-off sounds.  There are three compartments to this rocket:  control room, living compartment and cargo compartment for their moon buggy.  The living compartment features a bedroom kitchen and lavatory.  This set also includes two astronaut figures and their space dog as well as an alien and a moon crater!  Ages 18 months & up; SRP $59.99

    Dino Set

    This prehistoric playset features a large dinosaur that roars as well an entire family – mom, dad and baby.  The family members ride this big dinosaur or their included car.  The set also includes a baby elephant in his egg and a stacking cave set to house the family.  Ages 18 months & up; SRP $59.99

    Cherry Lane Cottage

    This gorgeous cottage opens up for play and comes complete with cute characters and their pets.  The home features living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom complete with furniture.  It also features a unique tree outside with more room to play.  Ages 18 months & up; SRP $59.99

    Fairy Toadstool Cottage

    Children can act out their favorite fairytale!  Complete with two fairies, 1 bed and 1 table and fun, magical sounding doorbell.  Ages 18 months & up; SRP $34.99

    Fairy Tree House

    This magical tree house includes a working doorbell, wind-up basket, fun slide, snail carriage and three cute characters.  With lots of room for play, imaginations can soar!  Ages 18 months & up; SRP $59.99

    Build It Starter Set

    Build robots and other creations with these chunky shapes, nuts and bolts.  With over 80 pieces, children can invent unique designs.  Set includes 25 construction pieces, 54 nuts and bolts, 1 screwdriver and 1 spanner.  Ages 3 years & up; SRP $49.99

    Build It Bits & Bobs

    Put together and take apart the pieces to create unique robots, vehicles, monsters and other unique inventions.  Ages 3 years & up; SRP $34.99

    Carry Along Keyboard

    This portable keyboard features 24 keys, flashing lights, eight rhythm buttons, eight instrument sounds, four percussion sounds, volume and tempo adjuster, record and playback.  With its high-quality sounds and lights, it’s sure to be a hit!  Ages 3 years & up; SRP $34.99

    Rockstar Guitar

    Children can be their very own rock stars with this electronic guitar.  Includes cool glasses and hands-free mic that is amplified through the guitar!  Ages 3 years & up; SRP $39.99

    Sing Along Star Mic

    Every band needs a lead singer!  This adjustable stand can be elevated to 53” tall.  The base features pedals for clapping and cheering effects and flashing lights.  For ages 3 years & up; SRP $44.99

    Please visit our booth at American International Toy Fair – booth #405.

    About Early Learning Centre

    Early Learning Centre is a specialist toyshop for children aged 0-6 years dedicated to helping children develop and learn through play. The toys are designed to stimulate children’s development in many ways – to help childrenexplore the boundaries of theirimaginations and creativity, tomakelearning fun and help children be all they can be.

    ELC works closely with child development experts, from child psychologists and nursery school teachers to mums and children themselves, to design and create its products.

    Established in 1974, Early Learning Centre is one of the most familiar and respected brands on UK high streets, with 133 dedicated UK stores and over 100 shop-in-shops within Mothercare stores.  The successful online business, now has over 1, 000, 000 customers.

    About Epoch Everlasting Play, LLC

    Since its inception in 1967, Epoch Everlasting Play, LLC has excelled in the delivery of innovative and entertaining products with integrity, superior play value and child developmental qualities to consumers.  Over the course of its 40-year existence, Epoch Everlasting Play, LLC has grown to become

    one of the largest and most respected suppliers of quality products to the North American specialty industry.

    A subsidiary of Epoch Company Ltd., affiliate company Epoch Everlasting Play, LLC offers a comprehensive range of proprietary and distributed brands comprising a wide variety of award winning play things including games, infant toys, preschool toys, dolls, educational toys and activity toys.  Additional information on Epoch Everlasting Play, LLC, its brands and individual products can be found at