Our Commitment to Quality and Safety:

Epoch Everlasting Play, LLC has been in the business of designing, manufacturing, importing and distributing quality toys for over 40 years. Safety is and has always been top priority for us. Before any toy is brought to market, it undergoes rigorous testing to endure that it complies with the compulsory and voluntary standards of ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission). These tests are conducted by an accredited third party product testing laboratory. Throughout the life cycle of a product, we periodically conduct re-tests to ensure that safety and quality are maintained over multiple manufacturing runs and as standards change. This testing includes checking for the presence of lead and other harmful chemicals in our toys. We also work very closely with our overseas vendors to ensure that rigorous quality control measures are in place for every item that we produce and import.

Please rest assured that if you have a product made or imported by Epoch Everlasting Play, LLC, every measure has been taken to ensure that it is enjoyable, age-appropriate, durable and safe. If you would like further assurances about a specific product or brand, please contact our customer service department.

For information about toy safety in general, please click on these helpful links:

Toy Industry Association: http://www.toy-tia.org/

American Society for Testing and Materials:http://www.astm.org/

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC):http://www.cpsc.gov/