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At Epoch Everlasting Play, we pride ourselves in striving for excellence in all phases of customer service with our retail customers, sales reps and especially our consumers. If we can be of assistance to you, please make use of one of the links below.

Corporate Mailing Address

Epoch Everlasting Play, LLC
75D Lackawanna Avenue
Parsippany, NJ 07054
Fax: (973)-316-5883

Consumer Information

Having a problem with one of our items?

Epoch Everlasting Play provides products with integrity and superior play value for our consumers. Every measure has been taken to ensure that it is enjoyable, age-appropriate, durable and safe. In the unlikely event that the product you have purchased may not be working properly or a piece may be missing, we ask that you return the item back to the store you have purchased it to receive a credit or exchange. We work closely with our retailers and understand they may contact us for defective items. As we are a distributer we do not have spare parts on hand, nor do we sell or exchange products directly with consumers.

If you have a special situation or have a safely concerns you would like to bring to our attention. Please email

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Media inquiries are welcome. Please e-mail

Wholesale Inquiries

To request catalogs or place orders please call: (800) 631-1272
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